Organizing Successful Events After lockdown

Organizing Successful Events After lockdown

With the deadly pandemic keeping event venues and banquet halls shuttered and people multiple feet apart, it is the need of the hour to rethink and improvise events. To say that these multiple lockdowns due to COVID-19 have taken a toll on the event management companies is an understatement!

A consequence of lockdowns, isolation, and quarantine has led us to make an imminent shift to the adoption of digital and hybrid solutions.

It won’t be a lie to specify that we all miss the thrill and excitement of attending a wedding event or even a small birthday party! The feeling of exhilaration when meeting your favorite cousin’s gang or gorging on all the high-tea dishes is unmatched! Surprisingly, we are even missing the nosy and least favorite relatives!

The post-pandemic world is itching to make its way back to normalcy, and event organizers, however, are adopting ways to get their business back on track. They are working on ways to improvise with the emergence of a post-Covid world with lockdowns coming to an end.

You may want to throw a corporate event, birthday party soiree, or a wedding event. The first step is to decide whether you want an event management company or not. In times of crisis like this, you should hire event organizers to look after the safety of everyone during your event with the mix of intricate attention to details and beauty of your event.

Festal Events, India’s top event management company, recognized for their hospitality and efficiency, explains how they will go about with birthday party planning or corporate event management with safety measures at important after lockdown hits an end!

They walked us through the process of organizing a successful event after lockdown. It involves three fundamental stages to work through for an event, from the initial stage to the briefing/pre-event, the preparation stage, and then the execution of the event itself.


Now that they have the idea and professional ability to hold an event, you likely move to Phase 1 – The briefing. The event organizers move on to gathering all the information needed to hold this event. First off, they figure out with the clients about their budget and what all they can get done in that amount. In this initial stage, they also decide what they are going to do, where it is taking place, and how many guests are going to attend the said event, and of course what food catering we are going to offer the guests.

It is advised to consider state-wise Covid rules in every phase of organizing an event. With a restricted guest list, the event organizers prefer to follow the rules and regulations, and rather have an intimate yet luxurious event.

Once they have considered all these issues and answered all these questions, they will have a clear idea of your event and a very good base for starting the organization.


Preparation and pre-production. This is where they start giving shape to the client’s event and specify the elements they would want to add to the gala. The event organizers ensure that all elements like decoration, drinks, and food are in advance so that they can order everything and deliver it at the right time.

It will be important in the post-COVID-19 phase to ensure the entire cutlery and glassware is properly cleaned, the area is kept clean, and that everyone is trying to maintain a social distance of at least a meter, as they think that these requirements will be in place for some time. One’s safety is a top priority and therefore it is never a disadvantage to taking precautions.

Keeping in mind that the coronavirus could still clench our lives in its fist, some things need to be kept in mind. Making sure that someone who has been showing symptoms shall not attend the event and not meet a lot of people, guests arriving for the event travel safely without touching unnecessary objects, maintain hygiene by sanitizing and washing hands thoroughly while at the event and not only maintain social distancing but mask up while in a crowded place.


The event itself, the day everything will be executed. This will be the main day to set up everything and will start early! This is the time to set up and decorate the venue, perform sound checks, clean the glassware and cutlery, and have things such as a secure place to leave bags, for example. Two hours before the actual event starts, they conduct a briefing with the entire team to ensure that everything is prepared and set up as you want and to identify any last-minute issues which need to be corrected.

The entire venue would be sanitized once the work is completed and ready for the guests to arrive. Sanitizers and masks would be set up at various corners for ease.

And as the event starts, they make it a point to make every guest comfortable and looked after while making the whole event move forward smoothly!


Festal Events creativity will bring it alive with our custom event planning. A luxury event for you and your guests will enchant, entertain and be the perfect backdrop for your one-of-a-kind wedding or a corporate event! Our professional Covid training and ability to support keeping everyone safe during your event, attention to details, and the beauty of Festal Events are unlike any other!

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