Why Witnessing the Indian Wedding Ceremony Should be on your Bucket List?

Why Witnessing the Indian Wedding Ceremony Should be on your Bucket List?

There are weddings and Indian weddings, and it makes a world of difference when you are part of them! The BIG fat Indian wedding is a ‘once in a lifetime kind of experience!

There is nothing like an Indian wedding. There is plenty of singing and dancing (thanks to our Bollywood connection), there are all the shades of colors you can imagine; there are feasts and ceremonies that go on for hours. How can you possibly get tired of that?

Yes, it is, but the kind of fun experience offered by an Indian wedding makes it well worth the cost. The following are some convincing reasons; you need to attend an Indian wedding once in your lifespan!

  1. Fascinating Rituals and Traditions!

Indian weddings are quite special for the plethora of rituals involved. There are unending and unique rituals and traditions involved in an Indian wedding that you are likely to enjoy wholeheartedly, from turmeric being applied on the faces of the bride and groom to the bride’s sister hiding the shoes of the groom.

  1. The Cultural Bank of the World!

Destination weddings are a recent buzz in the Indian wedding business. Places like Udaipur, Neemrana, Jaipur, and Goa are some famous venues for destination weddings in India. A Destination wedding planner and a good destination venue add to the colors of the wedding and the culture of the chosen place!

Indian weddings reflect the culture of the country, so attending one is like exploring a part of the country. This is an Indian wedding extravaganza where you get to savor all the traditional foods, costumes, and rituals and the major highlight is that you will be the guest and will be treated most especially with the planning of transportation, accommodations, and food.

  1. The Vibrant Color Spectrum!

Those of you coming from Western countries accustomed to the White Wedding let me tell you that an Indian wedding will be indeed a visual treat with men and women dressed in colors you may not even know the names of, but together they all look fabulous, PERIOD!

You will fall in love with the jewelry since there are decorative pieces for practically every part of the body; the elegance is something you’ll truly enjoy!

  1. A Never-Ending Array of Food

No matter how fancy and flavorsome the food is, Indians enjoy eating. When is the best time to try all these delicacies? Naturally, the wedding season is a time when the hosts prepare the best dishes of the region in addition to the most popular Indian dishes to provide their guests with an unsurpassed gastronomic experience.

There’s no doubt that food is an important part of any Indian wedding. In addition, it is also one of those things guests talk about after attending a wedding.  The menu will have various options for starters (both veg and non-veg) followed by a plethora of main courses and then a round of desserts that is quite extensive in numbers. Therefore, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that an Indian wedding is like a culinary tour. Rope in the best Hospitality Management Company in India, and you are good to go!

  1. Impromptu Events

Hiring a good Event Management company is the trick because Indian weddings are full of unexpected events! Indian weddings are full of eventful and sometimes not so eventful experiences, and you have to be a little bit humorous to deal with all this. However, no matter what happens at the Indian wedding, it ends in complete peace and harmony. What are the chances of the drunken uncle (of the bride or groom) picking a fight with the Event planner because there are fewer pieces of paneer in the curry? Real high!

You’re likely to see impromptu dances at an Indian wedding, so be prepared to be surprised.

  1. Extensive Celebration!

It is beautiful that Indian ceremonies last for months, and that is what makes them so grand. The last three days of the wedding are the most exciting ones, but the ceremonies that precede them add to the excitement as they are mini celebrations. In our opinion, the best part of the long celebration is the time families and friends spend together. So, hiring an excellent Event planner is your best shot- this way you can attend to your guests instead of running around the venue looking after everything!

India, like other countries, has now accepted the concept of nuclear families, and the only excuse to meet relatives is to attend a festival celebration or a wedding. Hence, a longer duration of celebrations allows friends and family to rekindle their bond during that time!

The Final Takeaway!

Weddings in India are a reflection of the culture of the country, as we already discussed. Also, in that respect, I believe Indian weddings are perfect for gaining a deeper understanding of a culture. Weddings in India are the best way to enjoy the best of the country, and the joy is contagious! Just splendid saris, lots of red and no kissing!


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