6 Color Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

6 Color Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

You must be well-acquainted with Indians’ love for colors, and the Indian wedding will be proof of it.

If you’re newly engaged (or if you’ve had to reschedule your wedding and want to revise your plans), these 2021 trending wedding colors will inspire your color scheme choices.

With the first season of Weddings, 2021 is right around the corner, we have gathered spectrums of 6 trending colors to keep our soon-to-wed couples to stay on top of the latest trends!

Trending wedding colors – whether it’s the outfit, the décor, or the favors, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Here are our thoughts on the most popular wedding colors in 2021-

  1. Powder Blue

First up is Powder Blue!

With its chic and magical vibes, powder blue dominated weddings in 2020. Our bride and bridesmaids incorporated the pretty powder blue into their wardrobe choices and carried the look perfectly. The pastel shades have a summer scent, fresh and here to stay. There will be a lot more powder blue wedding aesthetics in the upcoming year, and we’re not complaining!

Here’s how to use it- A light blue wedding color trend works for any style and season, which is great news. When paired with other pastel colors (such as blush and lilac), it looks elegant and whimsical. However, it’s just as lovely when paired with burgundy, rust orange, and other colors as are seen at fall or winter weddings.

  1. Blush Pink

I mean, who has forgotten the whole blushy Virushka wedding? It lives in our brain rent-free!

As pastels have been all the rage for quite some time now, we expect to see a lot more blush pink weddings in 2021. A beautiful wedding color choice, it looks great on every skin tone, and there are a million more reasons to love it. Start imagining how you will style this lovely color for your wedding.

Here’s how to use it- This color is the queen on its own! You can go blush pink with décor and the outfits. But, if you want to jazz it up a little- add-in gold foil, teal, lilac, or powder blue. Lastly, if you won’t take it up a notch high with dark blue hues, it’s perfect for an indoor wintery wedding!

  1. Papaya Orange

The papaya orange is a very Hatke and trendy choice for wedding colors in 2021. It is every bit as vibrant and as happy as it is. This is a perfect replacement for the old yellow decor that has been around for the past few years. Adding a pop of color makes this look super chic.

Here’s how to use it- With this orange hue, you have two options. You can style papaya orange bohemian or tropical, depending on your taste. If you’re having a beach wedding, pair it with vibrant colors like magenta and turquoise, or use it as an accent color in an earthy, neutral wedding. Terracotta vases, cymbidium orchids, and lilies are a few subtle ways to incorporate this statement color into your décor!

  1. Earthy Green

B-Town’s most talked-about wedding recently! Yami Gautam’s pure and authentic nuptials!

You absolutely cannot ignore the fact that Yami and Aditya tied their knot in a beautiful ceremony somewhere in the laps of nature! Go through Yami’s Instagram feed and you will know it!

Despite its evergreen status, natural tone green is here to stay. You can style both deep and light shades of green to your heart’s content. Whether it’s jewelry, decor, or wardrobe, green is a versatile color.

Here’s how to use it- It is one of the most universally flattering colors (it works on fair, olive, and dark skin tones), so you can easily incorporate it into your wedding attire. Dress up your look with a green jacket or patterned tie, and dress your bridesmaids in green slip dresses. A green engagement ring is another way to rock this trendy color. Then there are your flower arrangements – fan palms, plumose ferns, and English ivy are a few options to try if you’re looking for other than eucalyptus and philodendron, some options are worth trying. Don’t forget to pair this earthy hue with dark and bright shades of red, just like Yami did!

  1. Throwback Brights

This unexpected color palette for your wedding is the perfect choice for the ’80s and ’90s kids (with a hint of nostalgia). Throughout 2021, you can expect to see vibrant red, marigold yellow, and fuchsia as wedding colors. Instead of choosing just one of these colors for your wedding, you’ll see couples using a combination of them, creating a palette that’s non-traditional and bold. It’s no wonder that throwback colors are grabbing millennials’ attention.

Here’s how to it- Our wedding colors are anything but subtle, so embrace them in all their eye-catching glory. More is more in this case! With patterned dinner plates, rainbow flower arrangements, neon signs, and statement-making backdrops, you can truly bring these 2021 wedding colors to life. Wedding stationery is a great way to set a positive tone for your big day. Consider using abstract shapes and details, such as squiggly lines, triangles, and polka dots, to surprise your guests with something they haven’t seen before. Uh-uh now, can we please talk about the DeepVeer wedding!

  1. Rainbow of Purples

Purple is one of the most popular colors right now, with different hues such as lavender, mauve, and lilac. We have seen some pretty lavender wedding decor ideas and lilac wedding dresses. A great color choice that stands out from the crowd.

How to use it- Your bouquet, centerpieces, and other arrangements are the easiest way to incorporate them into your wedding colors of 2021. Use these three light purple tones to create a multidimensional color palette that’s uplifting and kinda royal!


We have been through a huge pallet of colors to choose from! It’s time we talk neutrals and conclude the blog here! Neutrals are a unique yet risky choice with taupe, champagne, foil gold, ivory, and of course, white. These colors go fantastic with a beach wedding mix and match with rust orange, papaya orange, and green!

Our team loves these wedding colors for 2021, and we can’t wait to see them incorporated in the upcoming year. Be sure to stay tuned with Festal Events for more wedding trends and take your wedding up a notch with the Best Event Management Company in India!


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