Planning to Propose the love of your Life?

Planning to Propose the love of your Life?

Here is a list of romantic wedding proposals you can put your own spin on.

Your girl is never going to come forward and ask you to propose to her, but deep inside she might be waiting for the Big Day when you will surprise her with the most memorable and unique proposal with all the details of your relationship in it.

This is the Season of Wedding Proposals and planning an unforgettable proposal is not only exciting but, in this era, a pretty BIG deal too! Ladies are infatuated by our favorite celebrity proposals which are memorable far way more than just dazzling diamonds!

Too many questions might be popping in your mind, right? Once you’ve decided to ask the question, you would be probably wondering, how can you propose in a unique way? Who can help you plan it? Which place shall you choose for this big day? And who will photograph it to make it a memory for your lifetime?

There is no such set formula for the perfect proposal, as it could be as simple as asking her out at dinner or as extravagant as taking her for a holiday and asking her out at a pre-planned proposal setup. It finally depends on your personality and the prevailing situation of course! There are few ways to ensure that you’re planning the best possible proposal for your partner. The first best step? Consult a professional, like us at Festal Events LLP, for proper planning and layout.

We are here to make things easy for you. We have hand-picked some interesting ideas starting from simple to extravagant so you get the answers to – where to? How to? And whom to contact?

1) Re-create your first date. Trust us, there is no couple that forgets their first date no matter how basic it might have been.  Re-creating it will instantly instill a flush of memories and love that has been carried together since you have met each other.

2) Plan it Around your partner’s favorite holiday. Cease the moment when she is enjoying her holiday and is on top of the world. Get a chance to make her happier and fill the moment with glee.

3) Lead your partner to a magical proposal amidst the mountains or the woods. Trust us, the real magic happens with the correct ambiance and atmosphere around!

4) Invite your close friends and family. Arrange a proposal at the outskirts of the city in a farmhouse where you feel it all belongs to you. Seize the opportunity.

5) Plan an intimate and breath-taking Terrace Proposal by the Sea. The cool breeze will not only calm your nerves but will also make your partner feel at the top of the world.

6) Pop the question to your partner on a dreamy Yatch Ride amidst the calm waters the Sea, in the presence of your near and dear ones.

7) Plan a romantic outdoor proposal for your loved one on the highest floor of a Hotel like Taj! This will not only make hear feel superior but also blessed.

8) Plan a trip to your favorite holiday destination, be it Paris or Turkey. Set aside a day for you to ask your partner out. Choose the perfect spot that shows the beauty of the place or could be her favorite. Go for it! There is no chance she would say no.

9) Book a Restaurant that your partner loves. Take her out for dinner and to her surprise, she will get astonished to see the entire place decorated for her!

10) What better than your cosy bedroom with fairy lights and flowers? Stay grounded and simple. Cook her some food and serve some wine. You will surely win her heart!

While you think of planning one and can’t reach a solution, contact at best event planners and they will arrange the place, flowers and candles, the photographer and all you like. We can recommend you the go-to-people and help select cites for your custom proposal or romantic evening that is as special as your relationship.


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