Destination Weddings In INCREDIBLE INDIA

Destination Weddings In INCREDIBLE INDIA

Destination Weddings have become frequent and sought-after in Our Incredible India. With so much to experience, one wishes to visit India time and again. It has a billion things to offer, starting from Ghats of Varanasi, to Beaches of Goa and the Colors of Rajasthan to the Fragrance of Spices in God’s own City Kerala. While India is a great destination to travel to for a memorable vacation, it has now become the most versatile, luxurious and exotic, brimming with beautiful locations to Get Married at. The trend of organizing a Destination wedding In India has become very popular. All you need to make your Wedding Ceremony unforgettable can be found in India itself – from sun-kissed beaches and scenic mountains to opulent palaces, ancient forts and grandiose hotels and resorts. Well, what’s better than a wedding and a vacation together with all your friends and family spent soaking in the sun, and relaxing by the pool as you dance, eat and chill with your people? And the good news is – all this doesn’t necessarily have to break your bank accounts!

Who will help you Manage your Destination Wedding?

Getting Married is without a doubt, the most beautiful day in one’s life. It’s the time when two families tie a bond hoping to last forever. It is when you and your partner can rejoice the new beginning together. Choosing the Perfect Destination to freeze the special moment of marriage is similar to the icing on a cake. The wise choice to make while choosing the right place is go for a Wedding Planner. Festal Events LLP, not only curates Exclusive Events and Priceless Memories but also, brings your Imagination to Life. Festal Events LLP is undoubtedly the Best Destination Wedding Planner and our work and experience has always proved us right. India offers a palette of options for various tastes. So, whether you love the beach or the palace, the mountains or the forts, India has it all to make your Marriage Ceremony an unforgettable event. While Festal Events LLP has it all to brings the right things to the right places. We embellish the most Special Occasion of your life with charm and incredible magnificence.

Which are the Best Destination Wedding Locations In India?

Having a Destination Wedding in India is influencing people all over the globe. Since checking everything off the checklist and most importantly planning the entire wedding in a place like India could end up being tedious, a Wedding Management Company like Festal Events LLP could help you like a family to set up your dream from scratch. Since we always agree to help you with your queries, we have listed the most awe-inspiring Wedding Destinations in India that will leave you Love-struck and get you a step closer to Indian Destination Weddings. Some hand-picked Wedding Destinations in India are mentioned below. Have a Look!

1) Destination Wedding In Jaipur- Culture At Par

Jaipur offers a mélange of heritage and breathtaking palace backdrops, and thus is popular for most sought-after Wedding Destination In Rajasthan. The ‘Pink City’ showcases a complete variety of festive ideas and venue options that stretch from traditional settings to modern ones too. This is why Jaipur perfect for the most luxurious wedding celebrations. This destination in India adds a touch of Royalty where the ambiance adds to the Indian Wedding Décor. If you have always dreamt of a fairytale wedding, Jaipur is where the magic can truly happen.

Best Wedding Destination In JaipurJai Mahal Palace is everyone’s favorite and also one of the Best Wedding Resorts in India.

2) Destination Wedding In Udaipur- Venice Of The East

Udaipur owns the Lakes and Palaces of India. The charisma that the wide stretched majestic buildings in Udaipur have to give it the finest setting for a Marriage Ceremony. If you have always dreamt of taking pheras in a mandap that is enclosed by lakes on either side, Udaipur is the best Pick. Its clear blue skies, glorious palaces and breathtaking lake make the most perfect landscape for a regal affair. Due to which Udaipur easily makes it to not only one of the Best destinations for Weddings in India, but also the Best Destination in Rajasthan. Your guests will have to plan a vacation to visit Udaipur too once your wedding gets over, by getting imbibed by its beauty.

Best Wedding Destination In Udaipur-  A royal setting overlooking Lake Pichola, Leela Palace is a majestic location for a destination wedding.

3) Destination Wedding In Jodhpur- The Desert Capital Of India

Rajasthan Does not fall short and aces the list of Wedding Destinations In India. The glamor of Jodhpur’s royalness and the beautiful colors and flavors of Rajasthan make it a Spectacular Destination to plan your Dream Wedding. People travel from far and near to visit Jodhpur and its magnificent palaces located on hilltops with a beautiful view over the blue city.

Best Wedding Destination In Jodhpur – The Umaid Bhavan Palace is a great choice one can make to imbibe the still inhabited royal culture of the destination.

4) Destination Wedding In Pushkar- Lord Brahma’s Abode

Pushkar Fair is not the only Event it is famous for. It has now emerged as one of the Best Wedding Destinations in Rajasthan. Anyone opting for a touch of royalty for their wedding can choose Pushkar as their Wedding Destination. Apart from the lavish wedding venues spread across the city, it is considered very pious to tie the knot at the famous and ancient temples like the Brahma Temple, Varaha Temple and Savitri Temple.

Best Wedding Destination In Pushkar- The Westin Pushkar Resorts is one of our favorites, away from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

5) Destination Wedding In Neemrana Fort- Knot in Heritage

The incredible and imposing architect makes Neemrana Fort, an ancient fort near Delhi, makes it is perfect photo-shoot owing destination. This Palace boasts about its shock and awe effect that has made it very popular over the years as a weekend gateway from Delhi. It brings about a royal and marvelous Marriage Ceremony for the bride and groom and their family with cherished moments and memories to look back at. Neemrana Fort is the ideal ingredient for a Destination Wedding to Remember. The fort is known for its brilliant architecture and grandeur. It is a Famous Wedding Destination in India for the people who crave a Royal Wedding. The fort’s historic and contemporary implication adds a charm to the wedding and gives it a royal touch. This is certainly a beautiful place to plan a Destination Wedding in India.

6) Destination Wedding In Kerala- God’s Own Country

The quiet and picturesque setting in Kerala makes it just the right Destination with the right tone for a Destination Wedding In India. It might sound offbeat, however, this gentle and agreeable destination is for those who desire one of those intimate ceremonies instead of opting for a huge and jam-packed Wedding. The Backwaters of Kerala are serene, pretty and put forward a view that remains as footprints in the sand of our memories. The lovely houseboats and beaches covered with coconut trees are heavenly. Whether you choose to tie the knot amidst the sun-kissed beaches of Kovalam or the backwaters of Alleppey, you’ll find beautiful resorts that will leave your guests mesmerized in a moment.

Best Wedding Destination In  Kerala- The Leela, is the Best Wedding Resort in India and will leave anyone spellbound.

7) Destination Wedding In Andaman Nicobar – Rituals Amid Tranquility

Amidst the white sand beach, possibly in an astonishing heart warming private resort, Andaman Nicobar offers a new range of Destinations for Weddings in India. It is no less than a coastal paradise residing in the Bay of Bengal comprising of sandy beaches and lush green forests. While most parts of it are not accessible to tourists, Havelock Island offers many seaside resorts for you to get married at. You may even book the entire Island for your precious vows.  The pleasing weather adds to the many reasons for you to get married to her.

Best Wedding Destination In Andaman Nicobar- The Munjoh Ocean Resort is a lavish and remarkable property to plan your Destination Wedding at.

8) Destination Wedding In Jim Corbett- An Exotic wedding Destination

If you have always dreamt of a Destination Wedding but at the same time you don’t wish to splurge, then Jim Corbett is just the perfect Wedding Destination in India for you. Not all of us are lucky enough to get a forest Wedding Venue – with birds chirping on one side and the river flowing on the other. Jim Corbett offers a cozy ‘just-us environment in the middle of lush greens to celebrate the most important day of your life! Fast emerging as a popular and affordable destination for weddings in India, this tree-laden land will provide you and your partner the perfect opportunity to celebrate one of the biggest days. Imagine taking pheras under a beautiful mandap surrounded by forested hills amidst chilly mountain air!

Best Wedding Destination In Jim Corbett- The Roar Resort is one of the beautiful Wedding Destinations that Jim Corbett has to offer.

9) Destination Wedding In Goa- Where You Party Hard

Goa is extremely popular for Destination Weddings, and it’s really not difficult to guess why! If you have been dreaming of a beach wedding, then this is where you have to be! It is an amalgam of pristine beaches, breathtaking sunsets, historical churches, beautiful resorts and verdant forests that can act as a canvas for your Destination Wedding in India. Goa is probably the trendiest and the Most Prevalent Destination Wedding in India because it can give one the chance of organizing diverse sorts of Weddings or Ceremonies. It’s one of the most unsurpassed choices for a wedding since it’s like a tropical ecstasy that can immerse everyone into its lure and aroma.

Best Wedding Destination In Goa- Park Hyatt Resort & Spa is one of the Best wedding Resorts In India.

10) Destination Wedding In Agra – The City Of Love

No list of Exotic Marriage Destinations in India can be complete without Agra adding to the list. Celebrating one’s Big Day in the surroundings of  Epitome Of Love, with The Taj Mahal as the background is a great idea! Agra undeniably makes for a great location for a Destination Wedding in India, as it can push just the right buttons to ignite your romance and bring you and your beloved closer as you prepare to tie the knot. As far as the venue is concerned, there are many opulent resorts and hotels in Agra. Agra possesses some gigantic hotels and resorts overlooking the Taj where many people organize their Wedding Ceremonies.

Best Wedding Destination In Agra-  Oberoi Amarvillas is a great choice one can make to plan their dream wedding.

11) Destination Wedding In Mussoorie – Astounding Vistas

All dreams of Wedding Ceremonies amidst the Mountains begin with the location Mussorie. Mussoorie is the best place for you to get hitched. It surely has the right postcard backdrop for a Dreamy Wedding. Beautiful tree-covered hills, the surreal view of the sun setting against the Himalayas, the clear skies, the cool breeze and the twinkling stars at night – everything about Mussoorie has a wonderful romantic air to it. You can even arrive before your D-Day and get some heavenly pictures clicked in the pristine surroundings of the hill station. The refreshing ambiance of Mussoorie is perfect to plan private ceremonies with your kins.

Best Wedding Destination In Mussoorie- The JW Marriott Walnut Grove Resort & Spa and The Grand Orchard Ballroom have everything to make your Dream Wedding way better than your dreams.

12) Destination Wedding In Gurugram Manesar

Surprised? Well, we have our reasons to put Gurugram-Manesar in our list of Wedding Destinations in India and if you’re looking to not get too far from your home to get married yet have a Destination Wedding Experience, then you’d agree! There is a wide variety of resorts and hotels in Gurgaon and Manesar that will take care of all your Wedding Planning needs and provide you just the best theme setup for your Big Day – from royal to minimalistic. You never know, this might be for you!

Best Wedding Destination In Manesar- Heritage Village Resort & Spa is a great pick to go for.

While these Indian destinations made it to our list of top 12, there are many other places across the country where you can choose to take your wedding vows. Jaisalmer, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Shimla, Lavasa, Alibaug, Varanasi, Amritsar, Puri, Madurai and many more contribute to the list of Wedding Destinations in India.

Crystal blue waters, white-sand beaches, or breathtaking lush green views – plan your getaway to your dream wedding with Festal Events LLP. We break the ice by deep diving into the territory of Destination Weddings and a Destination Wedding in India Cost.


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