We are an nationally recognized best event organizers in Jaipur, India, specialized in organizing full-service wedding , corporate , social events with the entire scope of planning from pre-event arrangements including budgets, vendor management, photographers timelines, DJ or band’s timeline, cake cutting, etc. to finalize the venues, themes, decor, and guest management.

Our Jaipur event planners team believes that every event is special . Accordingly, we provide complete event management services including crafting entertainment, hospitality, grooming that makes your dream event, a reality!

Festal's Hospitality Group

Festal’s Hospitality is the pioneer in Wedding Hospitality since 2013 & has placed itself as a Premium Hospitality & Logistics partner to almost all major event companies in India, by offering immaculate Hospitality Services. With the Global reach , we provide unparalleled service quality with delightful service experience. Our expert team provides ‘round the clock’ assistance & gives attention to the minutest details to ensure that all aspects are effectively organized to make the occasion an everlasting memory for you & your guests keeping you away from all Hospitality & Logistics worries.

Festal Events LLP

An Jaipur based Event Planner, Festal Events LLP specializes in planning and curating bespoke events. With our skill-set and industry know-how we offer turnkey solutions that fit both, your budget and taste. At Festal Events LLP ,we have imbibed this ideology in our core set of beliefs, leading us to create extraordinary Event. We leave no stone unturned in bringing your fantasies to reality so that, you can soak into every moment, live it, and make it a cherished memory for life. Every Event is an expression of our skills, expertise, and experience, enabling us to curate unique experiences for you and guests.


Some people look for ‘Best Event' whereas Festal makes an ‘Event Best’

As an Event Planner, we believe the foremost responsibility is to define ground reality and the last is to say ‘Thank You’…… in between, we are the helping hand of the Client.

FESTAL is primeval player in the field of Event Management and its integral ingredients are Team Mates, Vendors and Associates.

Our expertise originates from extraordinary minds which is an amalgamation of creativity, passion and experience which creates, delivers and exceeds our customer’s expectations without any excuses.

Our dedicated event planner team personally examines each element with minute details; where we use our in-depth knowledge of the local market and our ample network to create mega events and give the client maximum value for money.

We believe….The key to a successful event is… to have someone there to handle all the aspects so that you can enjoy your moments or be the host to your prestigious guests and VIPs…

Our Best Services

We’ll make your next celebration very special!

  • Destination & Venue
    Destination & Venue

    We’ll help you find the places that match your vibe and bring your vision to life. Whether it’s in your city or outside of it, point us to it.

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  • Vendor Management
    Vendor Management

    Vendor referrals, attending vendor meetings and coordinating and managing deliverables right up to overseeing the execution of vendor...

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  • Printing & Stationary
    Printing & Stationary

    Wedding Stationery is an inseparable part of a wedding. FESTAL- a wedding invitation creator in India is the creative head who leaves no stone...

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  • Wedding Favour & Gift
    Wedding Favour & Gift

    Ideating, sourcing and packaging themed giveaways or favours, event-related giveaways, gifts for Mehendi ceremony, and welcome hampers for guests.

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  • Entertainment & Artist
    Entertainment & Artist

    Illustrious names or hidden gems - we present you with the full spectrum! So whether it’s a top DJ for a party that dances into the next day, live music to...

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  • Films & Photography
    Films & Photography

    Film and photography is an integral part of any occasion or party. Weddings are meant for capturing and preserving all the candid moments of this auspicious occasion.

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  • Permission & License
    Permission & License

    There's definitely a lot that goes into planning your wedding and other events. Something as simple as making sure you have the right permissions and licenses...

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  • Travel & Logistics
    Travel & Logistics

    Managing logistics during a wedding is the most tiring job. It requires a lot of management of the resources. Our team of experts provides logistic services, hospitality...

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  • Catering & Menu Planning
    Catering & Menu Planning

    Let your taste buds travel the globe, or find comfort in your favourite food close to home. We help you curate the menu of your dreams. We’ll find you the perfec...

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  • Wedding Events Planning & Consultancy
    Wedding Events Planning & Consultancy

    We Festal Group one of the best wedding planner in Jaipur, we are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences with our innovative and personalized wedding...

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  • Social Events Planning & Consultancy
    Social Events Planning & Consultancy

    Social events are its strength for most event managers and Festal events are the best Social Events Planner in Jaipur. The creativity and ability to prepare, assemble, and...

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  • Corporate Events Planning & Consultancy
    Corporate Events Planning & Consultancy

    Festal Group makes an inspiring backdrop for your corporate events and meetings, from setting up your BTL Activations which predominantly cover Road shows,

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We Will make your next celebration very special Our gallery

  • Hotel Fairmont
  • Hotel Fairmont


 PLAN – The first and foremost step is to plan an event. We plan each and every step of the event.

DESIGN – We design the event and make it exceptional for each and everyone.

 EXECUTE – Our Executional Intelligence helps in creating a surreal experience for each and everyone.

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